There are several of them left.
Knowledge they behold is unique and vital.
Only a few know about them.
Ukrainian artisans and their ancient techniques.
The aim of the project is to open Ukraine to the whole world: its culture, nature beauty, cuisine and the most important - hidden design techniques.
5 days
By planes and cars to the best Ukrainian artisans
6 cities
Departing from Lviv, we are going for the sacred places of Ukrainian artisan culture, which is located mostly in Western Ukraine
1 meetup
Outcomes meetup with the design authority at FEDORIV HUB
Dates of tour:
October 30 - November 3, 2018
Departure from Lviv to Gavaretsky Hutir, then to Verhovyna and village Yavoriv
Ukraine - fresh destination, authentic, with a bit naive but honest art and design, you would be definitely inspired of.
It is an absolute "Terra incognita" in Eastern Europe with a myriad of artisans, people who are open for sharing their simple, but a centuries-old passions
with the whole world.
First Reason: enchanted culture of dark steamed ceramics
Gavaretska ceramics - is Ukrainian folk fishery born from clay, flame and smoke. It has been around for hundreds of years and is practically unique in the whole world. This is not surprising, because only Gavaretska ceramics without any chemicals and additives is stable black. Due to that it received another name - "blackened" ceramics.
This culture is exported by a small farm in the Lviv region. In the 1930s about 70 potters were working there, and black smoke was visible far away in the sky. Today, the unique fishery is abandoning: the furnaces are crushed, and the masters who own it can be count on fingers.
Second reason: unique artisan blankets
Lizhnyky - is woven woolen products, that has fluffy pile on one or two sides. They are also called as Hutsul (Carpathian inhabitants) blankets.
Lizhnyky are common in everyday life: they are covering beds, sofas, especially in winter. It is made of natural wool, so it may "bites" a bit. But do not be afraid of this, because such natural massage stimulates blood circulation and improves health.
Third reason: ancestors sound in Trembitas
Once Trembita replaced for Hutsuls (inhabitants of Carpathian mountains) mobile phone. The centuries-old tradition has survived to this day. Shepherds, going high into the mountains, take trembita with them.
But there left only a few masters who can make musical instruments, producing of which requires special conditions - the tree for especially good trembita has to be struck by lightning.

Designers, publicity, media
Meeting on design expressions of Ukrainian ancient techniques
About FAINA Collection
For you
Transfer, accomodations, and delicious food are provided
We strive to open Ukraine for the whole world. Thus, we're making this tour free for you. We want to show you our hospitality!
Organizers cover transfer to Ukraine and between the locations, provide comfortable accomodations along whole journey. Also, we feel obliged to show at our best Ukrainian traditional cuisine.
Meet the organizer
Victoriya Yakusha believes that there is inspiration everywhere, you just have to look with your eyes wide open. Based on feelings of sincere love for national roots, she decided to make the Ukrainian national identity understandable and recognizable throughout the world: "Through the FAINA collection, I wanted to reflect the whole life force of energy that has been encapsulated over the Ukrainian land for centuries – as I feel it, in a modern interpretation ".

At the same time, Victoriya notes that FAINA is just the beginning of the search for a place for Ukrainian design in the modern world. Globalism, individualism and minimalism are trends of the present and near future. However, in this pursuit more and more respect will have things in which time remains to live forever.

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Photo credits: Ukrainer project

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