There are several of them left. Knowledge they behold is unique and vital and only some know about them.
Ukrainian artisans and their ancient techniques.
The aim of the project is to open Ukraine to the whole world: its culture, nature beauty, cuisine and the most important — hidden design techniques.

5 days
By planes and cars to the best Ukrainian artisans
Departing from Lviv, we are going for the sacred places of Ukrainian artisan culture in Western Ukraine
Dates: 24-28 of June 2019
Departure from Lviv to Gavaretsky Hutir, then to Verhovyna — Yavoriv, Bukovets, Kolomuya and Kosiv village.
1-st Day,
Lviv, Carpatian Mountains Region
During this day all the expedition group arrives in Lviv.

20:00 — Dinner at the local Ukrainian restaurant that is famous for its steamed ribs dish.

22:00 — Evening city walk with guide.
2-nd Day, 25/06
Black Steamed Ceramics Workshop Gavaretsky Hutir
8:30 — Breakfast at the hotel.

9:00 — Departure from Lviv city to Havaretsky Hutir.

11:00 — Black Steamed Ceramics workshop with the local master.

14:00 — Excursion, then lunch at Olesko Castle

17:00 — Arrival at the hotel in the mountains.

18:00 — Ukrainian dinner with local dishes and beverages.
3-rd Day, 26/06
Trembita & Lizhnyk Workshops — Bukovets and Yavoriv village
8:00 — Breakfast and departure for worshops

10:00 — Workshop on playing and manufacturing of the longest musical instrument in the world — Trembita in Bukovets village.

13:00 — Lunch at the local restaurant.

15:00 — Lizhnyky sheep carpets workshop in Yavoriv village.

19:00 — Arrival at the hotel, Dinner.

4-rd Day, 27/06
Kosiv ceramics and Carpenter Workshops Kosiv village
8:00 — Breakfast and departure for workshops

11:00 — Kosiv (painted with clay) ceramics workshop at the Kosiv village

13:00 – Lunch in Kosiv village

15:00 – Bodnar (carpenter's) workshop in Kosiv village

17:00 — Pysanky (Easter eggs) workshop in Kolomuya village

19:00 — Arrival ath the hotel, Dinner.

5-th Day, 28/06
Press-conference in Kyiv
8:00 — Early departure from Ivano-Frankivsk city to Kyiv

11:00 — Arrival at the downtown hotel

13:00 — Marvelous Sightseeing tour in Kyiv

15:00 — Lunch at the restaurant

18:00 — Press-conference

20:00 — Departure
Ukraine — fresh destination, authentic, with a bit naive but honest art and design, you would be definitely inspired of. It is an absolute "Terra incognita" in Eastern Europe with a myriad of artisans, people who are open for sharing their simple, but a centuries-old passions with the whole world.
First Reason:
enchanted culture of dark steamed ceramics
Gavaretska ceramics — is Ukrainian folk fishery born from clay, flame and smoke. It has been around for hundreds of years and is practically unique in the whole world. This is not surprising, because only Gavaretska ceramics without any chemicals and additives is stable black. Due to that it received another name — "blackened" ceramics.
This culture is exported by a small farm in the Lviv region. In the 1930s about 70 potters were working there, and black smoke was visible far away in the sky. Today, the unique fishery is abandoning: the furnaces are crushed, and the masters who own it can be count on fingers.
Second reason:
unique artisan blankets
Lizhnyky — is woven woolen products, that has fluffy pile on one or two sides. They are also called as Hutsul (Carpathian inhabitants) blankets. Lizhnyky are common in everyday life: they are covering beds, sofas, especially in winter. It is made of natural wool, so it may "bites" a bit. But do not be afraid of this, because such natural massage stimulates blood circulation and improves health.
Third reason:
ancestors sound in Trembitas
Once Trembita replaced for Hutsuls (inhabitants of Carpathian mountains) mobile phone. The centuries-old tradition has survived to this day. Shepherds, going high into the mountains, take trembita with them. But there left only a few masters who can make musical instruments, producing of which requires special conditions — the tree for especially good trembita has to be struck by lightning.

1-st expedition was held in autumn 2018
Roberto Bachiocchi
Architector of Prada, La Perla, Miu Miu boutiques
"The organizers of the expedition to Ukraine have done a tremendous job. We saw the most contrasting and diverse country, always charming and real. Ukraine has unique places where traditions and cultural heritage have remained virtually untouched, it's like a trip to the past, but without the need to reinvent the time machine. It is very interesting for us – designers, creators, artists who are constantly in search of inspiration and unique stories".
Annaleena Leno
Interior designer, stylist, owner of the Annaleena Interior
"Before the expedition, I knew about Ukraine only that it was a post-Soviet country, and the winner of the last Eurovision - Ukrainian performer Jamala. Going on the expedition, I wanted to see something new, something that I had not seen before. My expectations were associated with authentic art, which comes from the roots, and they fulfilled! During the expedition, I tried myself in weaving, and I really enjoyed doing the "lizhnyk" (Hutsul blankets). But most of all I was struck by the hard work that people in the Carpathians are dealing with – the coopers themselves go to the forest to pick up the necessary wood and cut it, the ceramist himself digs clay for his products".
Madeleine Asplund
Interior designer, author of the Lineaire brand
"Ukrainian masters reminded me of our Swedish artisans. We also work with wood and make Easter eggs, but not as beautiful as here in Ukraine. When I looked at how ceramics are made or blankets are woven, it seems easy, but when I tried to do it myself, it turned out that I could not cope without help. Therefore, I respect masters even more. In each place we visited, I bought product samples, and now I have a Ukrainian authentic collection."
Laura Snoad
Author and editor of ICON magazine
"On the trip, I saw crafts and technology – very special ones, significantly different from what we have in Britain. Most of all I liked making ceramics. I also make pottery at home, but I use an electric potter's wheel. It rotates at a constant speed when you step on the pedal. And in the Carpathians it was a traditional mechanical circle. When I sat down for it, all my skills disappeared, because it was necessary to measure forces – both rotate the potter's wheel, and form clay."
Victoriya Yakusha, architect (Yakusha Design), product designer (FAINA Collection) - the main organizer of the Design Expedition to Ukraine:

"Considering all the political and economic conditions, it is hard to imagine Ukraine as a perspective design-tour destination, but I decided to take a challenge and prove that we also have something to interest foreign guests.

While talking to my European colleagues at professional exhibitions in Milan, Paris, London and Stockholm, I realized how little they know about Ukraine and absolutely do not understand who we are. At the same time, I heard many times about the interest in booming Ukrainian contemporary design, as of something new that could soon set global trends.

My mission here with this project is to mark Ukraine on the world`s design map. We have a lot of talented people with unique knowledge and experience, which makes our country worth coming for and discovering, even if one has to travel thousands of kilometres.

I personally selected all the places and workshops along the route of the expedition, communicating and getting to know each artisan, working through master classes with them. Many of these crafts are endangered, so interest in them from foreign designers and the media will also help to attract the attention of the internal audience. Perhaps someone will want to learn deeply invaluable knowledge, or just acquaint with it during the holidays trip".

Photo credits: Ukrainer project

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